Tithes were payments (usually one tenth of yearly production) for the upkeep of the parish church and its clergy. Originally made in kind gradually more and more were made in money. The ownership of tithes was a property right that could be bought and sold and over the years many of them passed into lay hands particularly afer the dissolution of the monastries in the mid sixteenth century.
The 1836 Tithe Commutation Act did away with all payment in kind and assessed a monetary value to the land. To calculate the amount payable a map and schedule was made of every parish in England and Wales.
The information below is taken from the Map so the values are not shown.


PENNANT from the Tithe Map of 1836

Landowner Occupier Name Description
327 Mary Evans David Llwyd Penpontfren incl house
329 - (Llain)  
132 David Morgan Himself Tyr ddu
32 Earl of Lisburne John Evans Ynyseblwn
28 Timothy Evans Lleast
156 David Lloyd Richard Rees Llanbadarn incl house
151 Himself Part of Llanllwyd
320 Mary Abraham Mill and lands
318 Evan Evans Tavern and lands
134 David Price Pantmawr
313 William Evans Part of Wernddu
282 John Lloyd Wernddu
386 Evan Evans Penylan
199 Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne Himself Monachdy
234 Evan Lloyd Penfarteg
172 Rev James James Pennant Cottage
72 David Davies Bryssig Bach
489 David Jones Tycoch
128 John Morgan Himself Cottage of Tyr Ddu
330 Thomas Lewis Harriet Lewis Pen cwm Mynach
325 Timothy Evans John Lott, Evan Jones Cottage and Garden Thomas Morris
324 Richard Rees Evan Evans Gwar llin
341 Maria Evans Herself Tyllwyd
350 Rev Richardson William Evans Cefngwrthafan Isaf
494 Theophilus James Himself Cottage
358 John Morris Himself Croestybach incl house
359 Croestybach incl house
121 Evan Evans Theophilus James White Hall

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